College Library

H K E Society Library is well equipped with books & journals. The reading room and study room facilities are provided throughout the year. The students are required to abide by its rules.

Rules of the Library

  1. The library functions from 8.00AM to 5.00PM on all working days
  2. A student who fails to return the books within 10 days will be fined Rs.1.00 for each day beyond the due date excluding Sundays and Holidays.
  3. Books lost, damaged or defaced must be paid by the student. Loss of pages, mutilation and any other damage discovered on return of books will be charged.
  4. A student has to produce his/her Identity card for issue of books.
  5. Silence should be observed in and near the library reading rooms.
  6. Students may borrow magazines and other reading material at the library reference counter by depositing their Identity Card. They must return these at the counter before leaving the Library.
  7. INTERNET/INFLIBNET facility is made available.

Book Bank

  1. Books from the College Book Bank will be available on a long term basis to the deserving students.
  2. Books borrowed from the book bank must be returned in good condition at the end of the academic year.
  3. Books lost, damaged Or defaced by the students should be replaced Or the cost should be paid which will be determined by the Librarian.