The department of Studies in English came into an existence in the same year of College establishment i.e. in 1960. It has both Optional and Basic English subjects. It has well-furnished Language Laboratory and department library too. The Department also conducts class seminars and takes care of slow learners by taking remedial classes. The aim of the English department is to enrich and enlighten the Hyderabad Karnataka Region with foreign language, such a way that they can survive all over the Globe. The pass-out graduates of the department are now well settled in various sectors; govt., aided and private.

Future Plane

  1. The department is planning to conduct National/International Seminars and Conferences.
  2. Planning to arrange more and more special Lectures by inviting Professors from various Institutions.
  3. Planning to visit different educational Institutions & Language Lab.

Our Staff

Mrs. Rajni

Mrs. Rajni U