Department of Computer Science is one of the biggest department in the college which runs three Courses B.Sc., B.C.A. and M.Sc. The Department was started in 1990 with single course B.Sc. , later on B.C.A and M.Sc. courses were started in the year 2001. The department aims to provide life training in employment opportunity in this competitive world. It provides communication skills and technical knowledge to retain men and women to develop new software with various projects. The Department providing extra facility to the students by using computer based Education Compact Disks, such as software development programs C, C++ Visual Basic, Java, Multimedia &Window programming Application Software development using Dbase, Page Maker, Coral Draw, MS-Paint, Lotus, Excel etc.. The department is conducting various seminars, monthly test to achieve the excellence. The Guest lectures are invited from various Universities, College & IT Industries to provide the recent advanced knowledge to our students. We identify the slow learner & fast learner and required assistance and encouragement is given to them. We also conduct the remedial classes for slow learners who got less marks in internal exam. We give assignments to these students, and conduct the tests accordingly.

Future Plans